Monday, July 2, 2018

Mike Clark Loft Funk

Mike’s playing clearly includes some New Orleans influence. The Bass Drum ostinato is a standard idea found in many styles of music from the region. One of the (many) technique goals I have been focussing on lately, is achieving a better sound with my double strokes; particularly with my left hand. Anyway, after spending many hours watching (helplessly) as my left hand played tag with this goal, I needed an excuse to give it a rest. Transcribing some funk was what doctor ordered.

Well, I can tell you, I felt like such a chucklehead when I rediscovered what can be done with a palette of, essentially, alternate sticking and eighth notes. So much of this (New Orleans) tradition of playing relies on these simple tools. But they are utilized to create some of the deepest, swingingest and funky grooves!

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