Monday, November 26, 2018

Roy Haynes' Choruses on H & H

In the world of academia, it is not uncommon to find well-thoughtout and researched treatises regarding who "the father" of jazz drumming is. In the pursuit of developing a thesis, the highly subjective nature of the topic is whittled down to absolutes. Baby Dodds? Kenny Clark? Pick your camp; or not... While I see value in possessing an awareness of the contributions made by these defining artists, I worry at the impulse to lay the crown upon any single player's head.

There are so many varied aspects as to what makes great jazz. Groove, technique, space, innovation, personal voice etc... All of these have value. In terms of pure modernity, few musicians have personified innovation as much as Roy Haynes. His sound, touch, orchestration and impressionistic sense of groove are instantly identifiable: As is his influence on the best players today.

On this 1990 live recording at the Berlin Jazzfest, Roy is joined by Pat Metheny and Dave Holland on Pat's tune H&H. The non-standard form of the tune is reflected in Roy's solo choruses.

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