Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Brian Blade 8s on I Mean You

Brian's playing resides in that unique territory that appeals to both drummers and non-drummers. Bop, Funk and New Orleans all inform his vocabulary. He is definitely a drummer's drummer. However, the inventiveness he shows in creating musical ideas on the drum set attracts the interest of folks from divergent backgrounds. My latest transcription project is taken from an interesting performance documented in Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka Japan. The setting and quality of recording are both outstanding. See for yourself:

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Choices Choices.....So many choices but it's all in the grip

I am a drum geek. I freely admit it. Whenever I catch a glimpse of a drum rim or glance at a tuning lug I MUST investigate. Is that an old Slingerland or just a new DW? Likewise, drumsticks peak my interest. Is that a 7A or a 8D? How the heck do you get THAT sound out of THAT stick?