About Me

A native Angelino, I was born in the then sleepy beach-town of Manhattan Beach, California. My parents were both public school teachers. I was fortunate to grow up in a household where we were encouraged to explore our own creative spirit. We were also told we could be anything we wanted to be. So, I blame this all on my parents!
My interest in drumming began at the age of 12 when I discovered a neglected drum set buried in the back of a neighbor's garage. It was not a beautiful Mother of Pearl Slingerland, rather, it was a Tama covered in duct tape! Regardless, it was love at first beat. The kit had no bass drum pedal, so I improvised my own, complete with a soup spoon for a beater. I was lucky to have several friends who were also learning to play instruments. We were soon spending every waking moment exploring music and learning tunes. Although I did not play in any of the school bands, I did run home during lunch periods to practice.
After working in Los Angeles for a few years, I moved to San Francisco. My first gig was a live radio show accompanying an Irish fiddler. I found the Bay Area community to be extremely supportive and welcoming. I had the great fortune of working with a highly diverse set of players coming from a number of musical traditions. This fortune provided me the chance to work in Big Bands, Country, Surf, Folk, Musical productions and even a circus or two! The common thread in all of these projects was friendship and collaboration. These are values that, to this day, I seek at every opportunity.
In 2001, I earned my BA in Jazz Studies at San Francisco State University. Studying under incredible Artist/Instructors Dee Spencer, Wayne Wallace and Hafez Modirzadeh, I found an inspirational environment that encouraged students to accomplish whatever artistic goals they set. 
It was about this same time I began my formative and lasting friendship with master drummers Robert Kaufman and Eddie Marshall. Robert’s thoughtful approach to study and self-observation found great resonance in me. With Eddie's enthusiastic support, I was subbing for him on gigs while he played the flute. Both were incredibly patient and perceptive mentors as well as amazing musicians.

In 2012 I entered into graduate study at the University of Southern California. While pursuing my Master's degree, I had the great privilege of studying with acclaimed drummer/educator Peter Erskine, Hard Bop legend Roy McCurdy and Afro Cuban/Brazilian master Aaron Serfaty. I also studied composition and arranging with the great Bob Mintzer.

After earning my Master's degree in Jazz Studies in 2014, I returned to San Francisco where I am thrilled to continue to ply my trade.